Wireless Internet

Is there any portable wireless internet connection which is unlimited and affordable? All the packages i see are capped and it annoys me since i download alot. Plus since once you exceed your limit, they charge you excessively so i was wondering if there is an unlimited package on wireless available?

Thanks !


Check Worldcall Wireless Broadband.

Watch PTCL EVO website, it may or may not suit u

Use many internet connection data stick drives from different connections. It is very good and beneficial to your, you can use this kind of data stick whenever you want to use.

i am using EVO connection by PTCL it has good speed..the package charges are 1500 for unlimted

1500 for student only. ISn't it?

^ Unlimited in Rs.1200 for students of BZU and NFC here in Multan.......

^^^Also for doctors, MoU but with 1500/month.