Wireless internet in Johar Town Lahore

guys I need to get a wireless internet connection, i have PTCL that barely works and every month the bill has fake calls or self activated packages added with 300-3000 fake expenses.
Regardless of overbilling,
the coverage is crap.
now my problem is that i live in the ground floor of a three story house, with neighboring houses of three stories too. is there any wireless connection that may work well in my situation? because with my mobilink and warid i do not get proper 3G 4G signals at all times except at the front or back windows of my house, is there any suitable 4G or any wireless connection for equal to or more than 4mbps?

i m in h3 block of johar town … m using charji cloud of ptcl … its working flawlessly … browsing uploading downloading is superb …

I’d die before taking a PTCL connection again, their false bills and poor service isnt a good experience. thanks for your input though :slight_smile: