Wireless Headphone for LCD TV

A.Salam Guys, I want to use wireless headphone for my Samsung D451 LCD TV. Are normal wireless PC headphones work well or I need to buy some special thing. Please recommend some good wireless headphone models & brand.

Thank you for your time.

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all normal should work fine..

a seller named "bachelor" is selling a good variety of top quality JVC headphones including wireless and noise cancelling.. search his threads in the buy and sell section of pakgamers forum.. he is a premium seller.. excellent guy.. and the headphones are great..

Have No answer of You dear.. :-(

Thanks @farhan_ds The guy you referred me have some awesome stuff. You solved my problem. Thanks again for your help

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What about whole headset? I want to use Skype on my Tv so wanted to know if normal bluetooth headset will work?

Soheb. Qureshi Logitech and Genius are reliable brands in headsets they have wide variety of products