WiredPakistan logo

.. Removed ..

^ not looking good and not shiny as his logo is



It is royalty free LOGOs anyone can pick it up for use

^ Doesn't match the theme of the forum, is oversized & doesn't look very good in general, IMHO.

size can be change at any scale ....so the current graphic is matching with forums theme?<_<


Tell me now, does that match the theme? or look very good?

yes it doesn't look good but wait i'll make another one which will be based on tech

Can you remove that WP thing from the logo it will look more decent.

[quote=“armada, post:3, topic:14668”]


It is royalty free LOGOs anyone can pick it up for use


This one looks good… but remove the “WP” it sorta resembles “WB” warner bros logo, plus doesn’t go with the board…

Also, make the image size / dimensions the same as the current logo… so if selected, can simply be uploaded without any resizing required…

Here's my humble attempt...


^ its not attractive and dose not reflecting any kind of techy thing very odd looking similar to bold Washington post headers


Now that was expectable...

Guys the Logo I made on my 'Pefect smartphone' thread's image (link in my signature) is worth chekin out.. It was a quik mock up.. If you guys like the idea however I can give some time enhancing it.. and making it look better.


i made this concept logo well i am not much good in pen tool so if any one can make :mellow:

soon I'll post this complete logo

Technology is only computers ? I think you better change the basic theme..

BTW: Here 90% Tech stuff is internet, pings, disconnections and so on.

reg: logo

i like that some positive contribution from armada for the first time, even he is getting praises for the first time from am4tl. good going kid.


Hows this looking i add orange cuz i love fanta


Simple logo all made using pen tool Ai

I think you guys should stick to the simpler fonts and blue & white colours which go along with the forum's theme instead of trying Green or Red/Orange. I like Upsilon's logo but the 'WiredPakistan' font needs to be more formal/corporate IMO and the dots should be changed to a line.

my Contribution: