WiredPakistan.com why it was down?

What happened ?

still good to have you back. :)

The forums suffered a DDOS attack and had too many users for the old host so they rudely shut it down. Now the forums are on a vps server, should be faster, more robust.

Still needs some configuration, but all old data and pictures are back.

Glad to see WP back! :)

Oh well followed you guys on the twitter ..its nice to be back :)

Welcome back WP! We missed you! :)

While it was down, we had a long discussion about it on PP forums: http://propakistani....Pakistn-is-down

Anyways, the new look is nice. We're gonna need a new logo though. (perhaps one that is not by MZC :P ).

Also, the forum is running slow right now, hope it gets optimized soon.

Upsilon, Forums running very fast at my end, is it your Internet? I'm using Ptcl dsl 4mb, surprisingly working quite decently.

Reading the pro Pakistan dsicussion now. The new host is very robust so shouldn't have outage issues for a long while now.

BTW, i suggest the Admin to take all the necessary precautions to insure that this doesn't happen again in future.

@KO Yeah, it just got faster, maybe it was my Internet. Nice.

BTW, this new forum version is very much inspired by FB, the look, and the "Like" "Unlike" stuff. But there isn't a "Dislike" option? I guess the trolls will be happy. :P

Wellcome Back and congrat for ur efforts

11236 users were online on 26th of September 2011. Someone really hates this forum who made a bot to make virtual simultaneous online users. Well, this new version of IP.borad is better than the older one. And this ''like only button'' is a good advancement, to stop people who abuses vote down or thumb down button just to express their hate or personal disagreement. B)

The new forum software version is MUCH BETTER than the Vbulletin crap. I wonder how that bull #$%# even survived today?

And please mention your twitter handle. I was so worried when it said that forum host suspended the site.

Forum is plenty fast.

We do need a couple good themes/templates for the forum.

Hey, Welcome back folks! cool new design, feeling jealous now :o anyway do install a good firewall as safeguard against DDoS :ph34r:

Good to have WP back! I see we have a fresh new look now :D

[quote=“Upsilon, post:5, topic:15704”]

Anyways, the new look is nice. We’re gonna need a new logo though. (perhaps one that is not by MZC :P ).


Agreed a new logo is a must, and who says i am going to make a new one? B)

Nice google looks and good to see it back

and also pretty faster then before

Nice to see WP back on line......

Finally WP is back :)

@KO, if you need any help, just let me know. I did send you an email yesterday :)

@SYSHosting, thanks for the offer of help.

The wiredpakistan twiiter account is @wiredpak - https://twitter.com/#!/wiredpak

@Asad, I like this current theme, it's a bit blue and facebook like, but nice and clean, and complete with mobile versions as well. We can find and add a couple of more themes as well and make them user selectable.

More changes to follow to make it more robust.

@KO Most welcome :)

Current theme is nice. I like it