This is WiredLinux, WiredPakistan's Unofficial Linux Distro, made by the one and only, Upsilon.

Its made with SuseStudio, one of the most powerful custom linux distro developing application.

It was actually started as a membership project, but due to constant inactivity from the members who joined the project, I've removed everyone from the project & doing all the work on it myself.

You can download the latest version from Suse Gallery, right here. (and you can see it's screenshots )

You can look around the thread for previous versions of the distro.

Last updated on 15th May, 2014

Hmmm. Interesting. I tried to sign up by going to that link. But, its giving an error. Please check and repost the link.

a brief into please


Just goto www.susestudio.com & either sign-up for an account, or use your email account to sign-in, then join me on my project.


Ok, here's this website: www.susestudio.com Where you can make your own custom linux distros for free, easily. The website's interface is simple & user-friendly, so that really makes it easier for us.

Here's their official intro video:

^Yar awesome idea! great work Upsilon.

If any one has no programming or graphix designing knowledge, a person with just normal IT knowledge like me, how would i help then?

^ There's plenty of stuff you can do, for instance, you can help choose which linux softwares & games to put on it, you can help configure it better, etc.

Edit: Merged with 1st post.

Also, everyones welcome to give suggestions. :)

:o Looks interesting. However I am worse than a Novice in understanding linux OS.

Sorry for crapping the thread a little: But this is so much similar to my Building the a smartphone to perfection project :DD

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Sorry for crapping the thread a little: But this is so much similar to my Building the a smartphone to perfection project :DD

Yeah, totally, except that I’m actually gonna build my project. :P

Umm... Soooooo are you guys really interested or not? Cause i can't tell. :rolleyes:


I've made your account for you, check your email for the details. :)


So do you wanna join or not?

Anyone else interested? Just tell me.

I yesterday opened your link but it didn't worked, i do wan't to join for sure. Here i come!


I still tried to open http://susestudio.com/appliance/edit/365624 but it says

"you found an error(sorry about that!)".

I tried to sign in with Google and then yahoo id. the result is same.


I've made your account for you too, but you've hidden your email, please show your email for a while, or write your email address here so i can send you your account details, you can remove it as soon as I've sent it.

ok i've shown it.


Ok, sent it. You may hide it back now.

@rnathbatra & Ahmsun

If you're having anymore problems, do tell me.

That's an idea Upsilon... appreciated :)

*WiredLinux* a distro...

Upsilon brother, I am interested in your project.

Please make an account for me.

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WiredLinux a distro…

I don’t get this part, care to explain?


Please show or write your email address.

I have shown my email address in profile now, u can send me email.

Certainly an interesting project! ;)