Windows XP Service Pack 3

just saw that xp pro sp3 is out, anyone using it? its beta release or final release? any reviews etc thanks. am currently dowloading it from some different site, where some users feel that its still a beta release, let me know.

Yep, im using Windows XP Pro Beta V.3300 and i didnt find any significant change than the previous stable version of SP2.. The programs keep on crashing every now and then.

ok thanks looks i'll stick with my sp2.

ps. u downloaded it from microsoft's website or somewhere else?

It's still in RC stages. I think RC2 right now. But I've heard good things about it - namely that it gives a performance boost of about 30% or something (read that on some tech-blog, don't remember which).

It says on March 24th. It improves or not, it should be installed on every XP system out there.

I too would prefer the XP SP3 over Vista.