Windows xp home activation key

i have installed a registered ver. of xp home from a reg. windows cd (which came wid ma del laptop ) but unforunately the no. of times i was allowed to install windows from tht cd has reached its end and therefore i now have to provide a new key or ma windows will expire in 30 days,so just wanted to know tht are there any reliable cracks available for windows xp "home" over the net,i mean the cracks which are working and don't contain any torjan or viruses eiher ?,if yes thn could some plz guide me where i can get them from??

also i have read on net tht if u have really purchased a genuine windows cd thn microsoft guys can give u a new key if you call them ,so i was just wondering if some body can confirm tht for paksitan as well and also where i would have to call in tht regard

No posting of such stuff here.

Hint: Email.