Windows X Announced - Coming 2k15

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<strong>Microsoft's next OS is Windows 10, will ship later in 2015</strong>

Instead of announcing the next version of its iconic operating system in front of a massive crowd of thousands, Microsoft chose an intimate venue with 50 or so reporters to launch the new Windows, which it's calling Windows 10. The company looks at the new number (yes, it skipped a number) as an indication of the direction it's taking with the OS; Microsoft says it'll be "the most comprehensive platform ever," featuring a full range of products that'll be placed under the Windows 10 umbrella as part of "one tailored experience." Microsoft's Joe Belfiore showed off an early beta version of the new Windows on stage, which looks very much like the leaked screenshots we saw not too long ago; Belfiore says that they wanted to bring the familiarity of Windows 7 and combine it with the functionality of Windows 8.

The new Windows will look very familiar if you're used to either of the the last two versions, though Win8 users will notice that the Modern UI is nowhere to be seen at first. Instead, the series of Live Tiles can be found in the Start Menu off to the right side, with the usual Win7-style set of pinned and frequent apps on the left side, along with web and app search underneath. It also comes with a refreshed taskbar that comes with a new "task view," which essentially lays out all of your running apps. You can also tile up to four apps on the same screen. Additionally, Windows 10 also gets a nice improvement to the command prompt: Now you can use keyboard shortcuts, as well as copy and paste.

The Charms Bar is still there, though it may not look exactly the same when the final build comes out -- Microsoft says that the UI is still not final and it expects to change it between now and then -- and there are plenty of touch elements and gestures carried over from Windows 8.

With Windows 10, Microsoft also plans to adjust the user interface depending on the mode you're using it in; for instance, it'll look different if you're using it for touch versus if a mouse and keyboard are detected. The Modern UI shows up as a "large Start Menu" in addition to a back button on the taskbar when you're in touch mode, whereas you'll get the traditional desktop look and feel if you're using a keyboard and mouse.

The team only showed a few bits of Windows 10 today, but they'll continue to add more pieces to the puzzle over the course of the next year as Microsoft prepares for a late 2015 launch. For instance, we'll see more of the system at the company's Build conference next Spring. That said, Microsoft will be launching an Insider Program tomorrow, which is designed to give the initial Win10 experience to folks who have a deeper knowledge of the OS. Belfiore insists that the new Windows will give full functionality for everyone from beginners and novices to advanced users once it launches, however.




Windows XP = Good

Windows Vista = Bad

Windows 7 = Good

Windows 8 = Bad

Windows 9 = Good (gets skipped)

Windows 10 = OOPS! :P

I think I read somewhere earlier the Microsoft is doing away with the sequential naming of windows versions and the newest version, upon final launch, will simply be called "Windows".

Preview build releasing tomorrow. I'll wait and see the reviews before jumping into the preview.

It should be named WinBlows :lol:

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Windows XP = great

Windows Vista = Bad

Windows 7 = EXCELLENT

Windows 8 = Bad

Windows 9 = Good (gets skipped)

Windows 10 = is getting Windows Xp and 7 blended with somewhat good things of Win 8..

According to tadays info, they are taing all the best aspects of previous version and just blending a milkshake of it instead of totally new stuff..

also said that microsoft is so ashamed of 8 that they had to skip 9 just to get away from the number..

cz 7 8 9.. (the joke)

^ It was a joke, but alas the sense of humor was nowhere to be found... :P

As for Win 10... I'll judge it when it's ready, not a day before then. ;)

So the 'technical preview' is out for anyone that wanna get an early look at it. You can download it here.

Sahee "X" macha hua hai har jagah :lol:

I already got the preview downloaded in an hour. Now its just the matter of time before I burn the ISO and install it on my laptop as a test drive.

Same old metro apps and touch oriented explorer...

the task bar looks like windows 95 color scheme...

was aero disabled or some retro theme chosen?

Total stock. Nothing disabled.

would love to put my hands on

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<strong>Windows 10 gets a redesigned taskbar, Spartan and Cortana get closer</strong>

About an hour agoby Kyle26 comments

Microsoft will be detailing the upcoming Windows 10 in two weeks, but the new features keep leaking on a daily basis. Recently we learnt Microsoft is working on a stand-alone web browser called Spartan, which should replace (though not put to rest) the Internet Explorer.


Today we get to see more of Spartan and the brand new and redesigned taskbar, which comes with the new looks of Windows.

So, the new taskbar gets a Modern paintjob, with new icons and simplistic color scheme. The new taskbar is rumored to premiere with the upcoming Windows 10 Consumer Preview, which should make it to the public in the upcoming weeks or months.

We already talked about Spartan. It will be a new web browser distributed within the Windows Store. This will allow Microsoft to update it regularly and bring it up to date with the competition. Internet Explorer won’t disappear due to compatibility issues and its support will continue as many enterprise clients are relying on IE.

The virtual assistant Cortana will be closely integrated with Spartan and will do various searches and tracking processes for you.

Spartan will offer a new way to group opened tabs, it is also rumored to pack themes support though it will be added with an update after launch.

At the Windows event on January 21 Microsoft is also expected to talk about Windows gaming. Windows is supposed to be a unified platform now, with all of Microsoft products being able to work together. What does this mean for the Xbox One? Hopefully we’ll find out on January 21.

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I gotta say, i like the color scheme. SImplistic yet elegant. Gonna give it a shot when the consumer preview pops up... It would be pointless to wait for the retail build as it would take months to get hacktivatable. B)

Give me iso link i wanna install it

^ Err... it's not out yet. You can try the Technical Preview though if you're desperate:

I'd recommend waiting for the Consumer Preview though, should be coming soon in the coming weeks or just over a month.

win 8 was the sack,, but Win 10 should be balls..(hopefully)


tonight 10pm pst

If it's too much Win 8, I'll start looking up ways on how to keep using unsupported OS's forever.

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If it's too much Win 8, I'll start looking up ways on how to keep using unsupported OS's forever.


Just stick to whatever works best for you.

You can use 7 as long as your supported hardware works.

So microsoft nailed it at last night event.

kicked ass all over the keynote.

Everything the light touches is microsoft kingdom now.

Hakuna matata bitches. :D