Windows Phone 7: What do you think?

I just saw its review at gizmodo and i think its freaking awesome...

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It's potentially the most tectonic shift in mobile since the launch of iPhone and Android. It's Microsoft starting over and betting massively on its future. It's a very different kind of Microsoft product. It could be the beginning of something truly great.

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Windows Phone 7 is the most aggressively different, fresh approach to a phone interface since the iPhone. Everything is superflat and two dimensional. Ultra-basic squares, primary colors and lists. Fonts are gigantic and clean, white text on an almost universally black void. It's fluid. This spartan nature is emblematic of the entire OS, for better and for worse. You don't get a lot of choices; there are no custom ringtones, for instance. It just is how it is. And while it looks and feels very different in some regards, it's still uncanny just how deeply inspired Windows Phone is by the iPhone in its philosophy, versus anything else Microsoft or anybody else has made.

This phone UI looks really SEXY... :P

what do you think ?

how much it cost :D ?

I want one....ever since i heard MS was putting all their eggs into WM7, i knew they would come up with something that would truly be terrific.....and now having seen the videos all over.....i want one...i want one...i want one...

i read somewhere copy paste function is not present in win phone 7?

You're right. No copy pasting, no multitasking. Might get better down the line, for now Android and Apple are still the top dogs.

But still they managed to make it more finger friendly os.

Every thing this os has is Sexy! except the name! it seem dumb to say windows phone 7!

Call it doubleu-am-7 :) .. ba i dont like the way its so plain and simple... I want a phone on which i cn put some fancy wallpaper i've created or pic of sum1.. in WM7 its just blue boring boxes.

WP7 is great if you already use Zune for music, bing maps etc. But no one really does. The only thing I use, Xbox Live, I don't see how having that on my mobile would help. Plus there is virtually no app market so that would make WP7 pretty boring.

Microsoft is not learning from its competitors' mistakes. They should have introduced multitasking, copy / paste and ability to change ringtones right from the start. No one is going to adopt their OS when iOS / Android already has all these features and more. Only people I see trying out Windows Phone 7 would be enthusiasts and Microsoft loyalists. They won't be able to move any consumers from either Apple or Android.