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Hi I would like to share some of kool tech facts:-

(1). An Amd 1400 chip running without a heatsink gets as hot as 370 degrees.

(2). Seagate introduced the first hdd for pcs in 1979.It held 5 M.B of data.

(3). If u opened up the case of the original Macintosh, u will find 47 signatures

one for each member of Apple's Macintosh divison as of 1982.

(4). The first computer company to register for a domain name was digital

equipment corporation.

(5). Did u know Apple & Sun came very close to a merger in 1996.

(6). The technology contained in a single game boy unit in 2000 exceeds all

the computing power that was used to put the first man on moon in 1969.

(7). Hewlett Packard was started at a garage in Palo Alto in 1939.

1).Tetris has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, since it began in 1982.That provided the creator 800 million in revenues.

2).The superflop (LOL!) sega dreamcast, released in 1999, was the first console game machine to sport a 128 Bit architecture.

3).The most expensive game ever developed was "ShenMue" for sega dreamcast.It costs $20 million.

4).The QWERTY keyboard layout is 129 years old.

5).South korea's SK telecom offers an inaudible ring tone to its customers which, it claims, can repel mosquitoes.

6).In 1971, the first speech recognition software named, "Hearsay" was developed in India.

7).Macquariums are aquariams made from old macintosh computers.

1).The servers r in denmark.The software is from Estonia.The domain is registered in Australia & the corporation is in south pacific island.Ths Kazaa the p2p software.

2).Bill gates & Paul Allen started a company called Traf-O-Data to monitor traffic flow.

3).The four largest software makers in the world are:-

(a) Microsoft

(B) Adobe

© Sap

(d) Computer Associates.

(4)Top Ten Supercomputers of Today:-

Arranged according to the speed:-

1. Bluegene/L DD2 Beta-system(IBM).

2. Columbia (NASA).

3. Earth Simulator (NEC).

4. MareNostrum(Barcelona Supercomputer Center).

5. Thunder (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).

6. ASCI Q(Los Alamos National Laboratory).

7. System X(Virgina Tech).

8. Blugene/L DD1 Prototype(IBM).

9. eServer pSeries 655 cluster(Naval Oceanographic Office).

10. Tungsten(National Center For Supercomputing Applications).

5). According to university of California 1,693,000 terabytes of information are

produced & stored magnetically per year.

6).Hard drives in the near future are expected to have a track density of

about 100,000 tracks/inch.This means that tracks are spaced 10 millionths

of an inch apart.

7).One terabyte(1000 gigabytes) is equivalent to storing a stack of

documents that is more than 16 times the height of New York's empire

state building.

1. The 4004 was the first microprocessor of intel.

2. The nVidia GeForce 6800 ultra has 222 million transistors which is the

record for the max. no. transistors on a chip.

3. James Gosling created java at sun microsystems.He came up with the

name Java while debating over it at a coffee shop.

4. The first ISP was Compuserve, established in 1969 which is now under


5. The Palm O.S fits in less than 100 K,which is less than one percent the size

of Windows 98 or Mac O.S.

6. What does 50 G.B of storage really mean?It means we can stack 3 piles of

single spaced type written pages taller than the Eiffel tower and data to

support this information is about 50 gigabytes.

7. The code name for the 12 engineers who designed the IBM pc was :-

'The dirty dozen'.

8. When the cd was invented, it was decided that a cd should be long

enough to hold beethoven's Ninth Symphony at any tempo which was

precisely 72 minutes.

1)128 bit SSL encryption is so strong that it would take much , much longer than the age of universe to crack a message encrypted using it.Even 20 years from now, if computers are a million times faster. it would still take longer than the age of the universe to crack it.

2)Bill Gates math SAT score was a perfect 800.

3)Bill Gates home was designed using a Mac!

4)Disk drive recording head fly height (gap between the head and disc when the drive is spinning ) is less than 1 microinch while:-

A red blood cell is 300 microinches is diameter.

A particle of tobacco smoke is 250 microinches.

A particle of smog is 100 microinches.

A human hair is 4000 microinches.

5)When Windows 3.1 was launched, 3 million copies were sold in the first two


6)Windows 95 can run on 386DX at 20 Megahertz, with just 4 M.B of RAM.

7)David Bradley wrote the code for [Ctr]+[Alt]+[Delete] key sequence.

Customizing System Properties For Win 95/Win 98/Win 98SE/Win ME/NT4/Win 2000/Win XP

Windows offers the possibility of adding an image and text on the General tab of System Properties. This feature developed at the base to enable OEMs to put their label will allow us to customize a little more of our Windows.

First be ready to create the image that will be included in the General tab of System Properties. Use your image-editing favorite (built into Windows Paint will very much the case if necessary) to create an image in BMP format. Although the image size is not important which is reduced automatically when viewing, it is advisable not to exceed 180 pixels wide and 114 pixels high.

Once your image file, save under the name of oemlogo.bmp and place it in the system32 directory of Windows.

We will now deal with the insertion of text. Open a text editor such as Notepad and copy the following by entering what you want in the channels between quotation marks (let your imagination run wild!)


Manufacturer = "Enter the text you want"

Model = "Enter the text you want"

[support Information]

Line1 = "Enter the text you want"

Line2 = "Enter the text you want"

Line3 = "Enter the text you want"

Line4 = "Enter the text you want"

Line5 = "Enter the text you want"

Line6 = "Enter the text you want"

Line7 = "Enter the text you want"

Line8 = "Enter the text you want"

Line9 = "Enter the text you want"

Line10 = "Enter the text you want"

Save the file oeminfo.ini in the system32 directory of Windows. In the beginning, the first two lines can indicate the name of the manufacturer and model, the following is information about the manufacturer's technical support. A note that nothing requires you to write 10 lines in the [support Information] ...

Only two lines of the [General] will be visible on the General tab of System Properties. The lines of section [support Information] will be visible in the window displayed when you click the button Support Info.

You can now admire the result!

Hope you like it!

Keys for Special Symbols in Windows

To get † symbol use Alt+0134

To get ‡ symbol use Alt+0135

To create the trade mark (™) symbol use Alt+0153

To get bound sterling (£) symbol use Alt+0163

To get the Japanese currency yen (¥) symbol use Alt+0165

To get copy right symbol (©) use Alt+0169

To get registered trade mark symbol (®) use Alt+0174

To get degree symbol (°) use Alt+0176

To show (±) symbol use Alt+0177

To show super script 2 symbol (²) use Alt+0178

To show super script 3 symbol (³) use Alt+0179

To make a center dot symbol (•) use Alt+0183

To describe ¼ use Alt+0188

To describe ½ use Alt+0189

To describe ¾ use Alt+0190

We can create more symbols as same as above. We mostly use the above symbols. To create more others symbols just try combination of different numbers just by pressing Alt key.

Shutdown Your PC with a Timer

know you can make your PC shutdown at a time u wish

Just follow the instruction.

How To Make A Shutdown Timer!


Step 1:

Right click on your desktop and choose "New=>shortcuts".

Step 2:

In the box that says "Type the location of the shortcut",

type in "shutdown -s -t 3600" without the quotation marks and click next.

Note: 3600 are the amount of seconds before your computer shuts down. So , 60secs*60mins= 3600secs.

Step 3:

Make up a name for the shortcut and you're done.

You can change the icon by right clicking=>properities=>change icon=>browse.

To abort:

To make an abort key to stop the shutdown timer just create another shortcut and make

the "location of the shortcut" to " shutdown -a" without the quotes.


Here is another trick to shutdown at a specific time, for example you wish to shutdown at 11:35am. Type this in


Type Code: at 11:35 shutdown -s

to abort


shutdown -a

take note: all time are in 24hr, example u would like to shutdown at 8:30pm, you should type

"at 20:30 shutdown -s" without quote


you can use a batch for that as well it makes it easier to use

just run the batch and enter the time you want it to shutdown


Type Code:

@echo off

title Scheduled Shutdown Batch Example by chacha1234

color A

echo Enter Time To Shutdown (example 19:30)

set /p stime=


at %stime% ""shutdown -s -t 00"" >nul

echo Your PC Will Auto Shutdown At %stime%

echo Press Any Key To Exit

pause >nul


also you can add -c "desired message" at the end of the shutdown command

for example

shutdown -s -t 60 -c "Shutdown Pc"

using this command u can also schedule ur pc to restart

for example

shutdown -r -t 60 -c "Restarting Pc"