Windows 8 finally unveiled!

As of 1st June 2011, Microsoft has started launching a series of videos to keep those Windows savvy people out there updated with the development of W8. Here is the fist video,

From the First Video of the batch, Personally I reckon MS really needs to find some way to either keep the Metro UI or keep the old W7 UI. Keeping a hybrid of both looks more like a dual booting OS. Other than that I am still concerned how swiping would feel using mouse buttons. We would either need touch enabled mouse, or a touchscreen display to use W8 without feeling awkward.

Lets just hope, MS makes turned this just blossomed flower in a Fully ripened fruit, just the way we want it to be.

okay they just merged windows 7 and windows phone 7, just like mango breeding :P

I always expect atleast good from Microsoft, they never disappoint me.

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On another note, how the hell do you embed a youtube vid within a thread?


"Insert Media" button... its alongside the "Insert Link", "Insert Image" & such buttons.

I agree with Zazzyo here. Its a mess combining both things. They should stick with one UI. Or maybe they can make it so that as soon as you attached a Keyboard / Mouse to the tablet it switches to the regular Windows 7 UI.

I think it is a fail..

they are trying to merge , two very different type of OS... one is for PC and the other is for tablets... these two things have nothing to do with each other...

its better if they keep the two thing separate and then it ll be nice , neat and clean...

microsoft is always stealing ideas from different variants of Linux, specially many vers of ubuntu

^ Linux (which includes Ubuntu) is open-source, so they're not really stealing anything. :P

And IMO, its a good move, It looks cool, and i don't see any disadvantages of it, so everything is fine.

A complete demo video is available here:

That win phone 7 thing is not much appealing on desktop.

I think the Metro UI has been added just for tablet computers...Don't see many people utilizing it on a normal desktop. You'd probably be able to choose between one and the other anyway.

But I have to say, after the success of Windows 7 they will have a hard time selling this upgrade...most people are really really satisfied with 7.

Microsoft just got things wrong this time, they tried to break the trend of a seperate tablet OS. Like Apple uses iOS for portible devices and OS-X on desktops/Laptops. In attempt of MS being different from others, they just created a mess. They should have made a tablet compatible Windows Phone 7 instead.

On another note, Upsilon I used the media button the first time but it does not works. Still dunt know how to embed a youtube link..just like Asad did.

It will be a big hit as all users want is "SHASHKAY". Same goes for symbian and iOS, the major difference is "SHASHKAY"


Remove the dots.

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On another note, Upsilon I used the media button the first time but it does not works. Still dunt know how to embed a youtube link…just like Asad did.


On the youtube video page, click on the share button, it will show embed links, buttons & options, follow according to your requirement.

Or simply do what Asad said. (i read that after posting) :P

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It will be a big hit as all users want is “SHASHKAY”. Same goes for symbian and iOS, the major difference is “SHASHKAY”


Not necessarily. Its not always about that. iPhone is definitely easier to use when it comes to touch phones. The idea is to match the UI to the form factor, which Microsoft is trying to do here. They need to totally get rid of the old desktop on tablets, its just not worth it. Nobody has spreadsheets and document editing in mind when they are looking for a tablet. They just want something to “consume” media with ease. iPad does that brilliantly by matching the form factor with UI and use case, thats why its so popular. I really like the Tile UI, its kind of the next evolutionary step after icons, since icons were mostly meant to be used with pointing devices to get to the application.

Just my “two paisas” :D

^ Good thinking, but moving my mouse vigourously to sswipe and select tiles sounds awkward.

On another note, got that vid embedded at last, thanks Asad and Upsilon 4 ur help.

^ Yeah thats what i am saying. Tiles are more suited for touch driven devives.

seems to me this will be a more heavier os after the pc as far as ram is concerned.

and how many of us have a touch screen monitor at home?

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