Windows 8 Alpha available for testing!

Guys, windows 8 alpha is available for testing online.

Go HERE & try it. It is very cool, way better than windows 7! :D

And dont forget to comment on it! :D:P

Edit: Changed image link, previous link had expired.

Damn My PC drivers are not supported :P

damn it man ! need good specs computer.

^^ Ah, poor you. :P

Ands yes, very high specs PC is required to run it.

Minimum Requirements:

An i14 with 16gb of RAM & 8GB Display card. :P

But this online testing version may work even on a Pentium 2. :P

wow its awesome :)

But it's working on my system.

Please slow down Microsoft, still testing Windows 7 :)


i am using windows7. i just bought a pirated copy. but the day i installed. it seems to me geniune. becoz when u install microsoft security essential , in the 2nd step it ask to validate ur window.......when i press next....a message appeared that "ur window is geniune".

when i google it ... it seems that i am using one of lenovo leaked keys. and a rumor that microsoft has already blacklisted all keys...but i am still using my windows 7 , no loader required and btw i download each and every update frm microsoft site..but now i hav turned it off..becoz black list hony ka khutra tell me guys am i using geniune window7


zeeshan baloch

This one is going to beat Windows 7 by all means ...

Win 7 is dead ... :P

I am still with Windows 98 SE....... :D

Wow 300+ members tried Windows 8! :P

Edit: Updated

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Wow 125+ members tried Windows 8 today! :P

It will be 125 K in few days. People obviously are eagerly waiting to be beta testers ;)

cool man... never seen something like that in years. Way to go windows !!

Running smoothly on my i14 :P

Lolzz Its Awesome Fast And More Reliable Windows :P :P

Oh It is working :) :) It's even working on 386 pretty fast indeed even faster than Dog linux.

!!!!AAAAA its awesome fast!!!!! oooo! its coool dude!

I think loadshedding has had its effect on our brains!

PCs are fast atlast

thanks win8

I don't like the GUI.

Windows Alpha is out