Windows 7?

I am having Windows Xp in my I am planning to upgrade to Windows 7. Windows Xp came as the defult OPerating system when i purchased my new Desktop for home. I have no issues with Windows Xp as such. I was very satisfied with its performance. But still i want to upgrade to windows 7. As i have heard that it has better features and its much faster.

What you guys have to say about it? Do you think its a good idea to upgrade to Windows 7??

yea, win7 is way too much faster than up in seconds..

Windows 7 is way better then Windows XP. But it always depends on functionality and use, If your satisfied with your XP and need to take a look at windows XP then use it some where else or dual boot it as Windows 7 wont be reversible to XP. Also make sure your hardware meets the Windows 7, Use the windows 7 advisor tool on WIn7 website.

I would highly tell you not to upgrade if your hardware is not compatible.

Check around your PC! if there is written Designed for Windows XP something like that then dont need to upgrade because those kind of PC wont allow Windows 7 properly because i recently had experienced similar kind of disaster for twice! The drivers of Windows 7 makes the real trouble

Windows 7 rocks, except for gamers, for gaming PCs still XP is recommended, else windows 7 is far better than XP.

Do you mean compatibility issues in win7?

Nearly all of the older games can be played under win7 compatibility configurations.

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Windows 7 rocks, except for gamers, for gaming PCs still XP is recommended, else windows 7 is far better than XP.

well i ll be happy if you can shed some light on your statement… and give some examples…

infact windows7 is better than windows xp for gaming as far as i think…

Windows 7 is optimized for dual core + core2duo + quadcore processors, so if you have a fairly new machine then yes Win7 is a worthy upgrade. Also check whether Win7 supports your computers hardware before upgrading, i recently installed it on a thinkpad r50e and found out a tad late that there are no Win7 drivers for my laptops video card + audio hardware.

btw what are your computers specifications?

^^ well i mean Windows seven uses more resources than XP for a particular game...

for example i have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on Core2 duo 2.0GHz,with 3Gb ram, and games even IGI-2 works slowly, on the other hand these works perfectly on XP on the same PC, also Modern Warfare-2 is not running smoothly on my PC.

Tomorrow i am gonna downgrade my Windows 7 64-bit to 32-bit, see if Modern warfare call of duty works on it, else no option for this game for me except XP.

You can also try windows tiny 7 version if your computer hardware is not up to the mark for Windows 7. Windows tiny 7 runs smoothly even on netbooks with Intel Atom processors and 1 GB RAMs.

Windows 7 is very good and fast... but its little bit complicated in networking.... NO hyper terminal ( u have to download separately ) ....

Win 7 best graphics fast boot up classy looks for gaming i dnt see any diff btw xp n 7 bt vista is nt 4 gaming for sure n only install win 7 if u hav dual core or c2d if u want 2 enjoy it