Windows 7 x86 Bluetooth Problem

Previously i had Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit on my HP 4520s, but that wasn't genuine so now i installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit, but the problem is that now my bluetooth doesn't seems to work, It can't search my mobile/mouse and also the bluetooth itself can't be searched by any other device. It did install the drivers automatically and they seem fine (My laptop has WIFI + Bluetooth Combo) embedded, so when i press the on/off keys the bluetooth icons disappears and reappears, through which i can assume that hardware is working fine. Wifi is also working fine. Can somebody advise a solution to this? or may be the bluetooth part of this combo is damaged? :/

I don't think your combo is faulty. I have exactly same problem on my laptop. My laptop has dual OS, bluetooth is fine in XP but in WIN-7 it does not work. Device Manager shows everything OK, no missing drivers. Mine is a Dell Latitude E5500. I will try to solve it, in the meantime if you find some solution, please share.

Sorry this post offers no help :(

^ I was searching for a solution online and downloaded previous versions of the driver but no luck, then by chance i got this driver for HP Mini and guess what? It works like a charm :P

I would suggest you the same, try install some other model drivers, what's the make of your bluetooth?

I am facing bluetooth problem in my PC.

Although it syncs with the mobile but it doesn't dearch for PC. And files are not tranferring between them.

It happened after windows update.

^What's your BT make/model? and what Windows version you are using?

Try restoring then :)