Windows 7 vs windows 8

What's difference between windows 7 vs windows 8?

i m in love of window 7 but should i really upgrade to windows 8?

There is no performance difference between the two, but Windows 8 with metroUI is really intended for tablets and touch screen enabled PCs so if you have Touch screen then go for 8 and if not then stick with 7

Windows 8 is far better than Windows 7, in everything. From faster boot times, to new functionalities. And once you get used to the new start screen you will realize how ancient the start menu actually looks / is and how powerful the new start screen is.

Windows 8 & 8.1 are better in terms of performance over Windows 7, it may take a while to get used to new interface but its definitely faster way to open apps then the old "START MENU" thing.

i saw business users use win 7 most and some converted back to win 7 from win 8 so i thought to ask here. ^_^