Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RC Released

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 RC (Release Candidate) has been released.

Download here:

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Well the latest build came yesterday.... & besides, i didn't knew about any previous releases, haven't been very active on the internet...

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Well, it has already been releases 2 months ago on

It just went final over the weekend…how did Softpedia have it a month ago???


^ That SP1 might be in alpha or beta stages, the current one is in RC (Release Candidate) stage, stability must've been improved.

There are not any significant updates in the SP1, won't be a loss if you give it a miss. The tweaks and additions made by MS are;

[-] RemoteFX

Ever use Remote Desktop to connect to another machine virtually over a LAN? You've probably noticed that the experience you get across a network pales in comparison to what you get locally, with features like Windows Aero, full-motion video, and 3D graphics all off limits. RemoteFX will lift those barriers.

[-] Dynamic Memory

According to Microsoft, dynamic memory "allows customers to achieve increased density when they're consolidating physical servers into a virtual realm, providing them with predictable performance and linear scalability." Translated: IT administrators can dice up the physical memory on a machine, like a server, and dole it out to many different virtual machines on the fly.

[-] Little Fixes

Along with these two rather IT-specific upgrades, Microsoft has improved HDMI audio performance, fixed a bug with printed mixed-orientation XPS documents, and added support for communication with third-party federation services.

Source: 'What's New in Windows 7 Service Pack 1' (13/07/10)

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^ That SP1 might be in alpha or beta stages, the current one is in RC (Release Candidate) stage, stability must’ve been improved.

btw welcome back !

^ Thank you.

While i was gone atleast something funny must've been happened/discussed. Are there any threads i should specifically check out?

Nope didn't see anything like that :P

Well then i guess i'll have to start the party. :P

^Hey did you brought that service pack with you?

Well i use Remote desktop very often, have to. It would be good to see some improvements.



^Try installing VLC/KMPlayer, much better than Windows Media Player.