Windows 7 Download Links (Pro & Home Premium - NO CRACKS & KEYS)

Windows 7 Digital River Direct Links

These ISO files are same as available at msdn. To confirm the authenticity of the ISO you downloaded, all you have to do is to make sure that it is exactly (bit for bit) the same as the one Microsoft provides by matching their hashes. Each file has a unique hash, if the file is modified (even only by 1 bit) then its hash will be completely different.

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Windows 7 Professional x64:

Windows 7 Professional x86:

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Windows 7 Home Premium x64:

Windows 7 Home Premium x86:


You will need a legit key to activate the windows :)

If you have 3 GB of RAM or more, install the 64 bits version. If you have 2 GB of RAM or less, install the 32 bits version. If you have between 2 GB and 3 GB of RAM, both versions are OK, and it's up to you to decide. — Before making any decision, make sure that your processor supports 64 bits instructions.

for file comparison, the extension Hash Tab comes really handy


please give Office 2010 x64 direct link