Windows 7 Crash problem!

Salam all....!! i've been usin windows 7 RC version for quite a long....i've installed it on 2PCs one P4 HT and other on Core2Quad....problem is occuring on P4-HT...a day or two back it started halting alot....its like surfing and when u minimize or scroll through the taskbar things get halted and on clicking it the "windows explorer crashed" alert appears....i click on re-start app and things go back to normal....after few more clickings things go back to that crashing state....!! Help plzz!


might be hard drive problem. Check ur hdd status. Is it making any noise or halting?

nope at all...if it would be hdd then tht blue death screen would have had appeared!!!

Why are you still using RC version? You should be using RTM version...It could be possible that the bug is in RC.