Windows 10 and PTCL DSL

I noticed strange thing today. I have been experiencing slowness in PTCL since two days. It’s like PTCL comes to a grinding halt and even has trouble opening. I thought this is PTCL as being usual but then I noticed that it only happens when I use my laptop which has Windows 10.

Has anyone experienced this before? I am writing this post from a Windows 7 laptop and it internet is working fine. Windows 10 laptop is turned off and as a test I turned it on while writing this post and now internet has slowed down.

Could be some background app or service using the internet on the WinX laptop. If your router has options to check the number of established connections, use it to see what happens when WinX laptop is on vs off.

It is working fine now although still slow. May be it was just a coincidence? I still believe there was something but it is one of those things where you cannot prove it. Like everyone knows Billo is gay but it is hard to prove unless you become one.

It might be downloading updates. Windows 10 is getting cumulative updates from Microsoft which my Win10 laptop downloads around 15th of every month. My update history shows latest cumulative update was installed on Jun 13, 2017.