Wind Mill in DHA Karachi

Has anyone seen that single wind mill that is installed of a roof top on a home in DHA Karachi. It is near Shaukat Khanam Cancer Research Center and I saw it while going back to home from office.

I wonder how much electricity it is producing?

I am talking about this:

Of course the brand/company is different but it will give you an idea as to what I am talking about. I saw company name on fan which was something like "Photo..." but I forgot. Will check again today.

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I wonder how much electricity it is producing?


As much as you want, depends on the size of unit and on your battery bank capacity, but most impotent thing is wind velocity if you are not living in windy area then it will produce nothing or very less

impotent? really?

as far as i know the units are very expensive currently in Pakistan.

That house has this wind mill

its one time investment only later just only maintenance

I think we already had discussion on this...

Perhaps if you searched a bit, you might find the info you need

A few days ago I was going in front of that house and I saw a man was installing another wind mill on roof top besides the other one. This one was smaller in size and is most definitely this one:

So if they installed another one, that means it is working fine I guess and they are satisfied with the performance.

why didn't you parked the car and ask em its details?

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why didn’t you parked the car and ask em its details?


Yeah I thought about it. May be I will do this one day. I was talking to my office colleague about this wind power/solar power thing and he told me there is a house near where he lives (I guess gulistan-e-jauhar) where they do not have KESC. Whole house is running on solar + wind power and they keep their ACs running almost all the time (at least in summer).