Will Dish TV run on my TV card

I'm planning to get Dish TV subscription, but I was wondering if I'll be able to run it on my Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert which is an analog TV card?

Is it even available in Pakistan and how would you get it? (DishTV?) If it requires you to use a dish antenna, then perhaps you will need a digital satellite receiver too. And yes, your TV tuner should allow you to connect your digital satellite receiver.

That's a pretty good TV tuner card by the way.

yes sure your tv tuner card will run DishTV even if it is analog or digital you need AV cables or VHF input cables for analog TVs and TV tuner Cards and enjoy TV on your desktop

it will connect.. through your composite input ports on your tv tuner card,,i hook up my receiver to my tv tuner (pixelview) all the time,,hook up sound to the sound port at the back of your card ..simple

or you can buy a pc dvb card and you won't need receiver at all. its a pci card and can also receive high def channels. but disadvantage is that it can only work on computer as compared to a receiver which you can plug into to the tv time to time.

btw guys a question???

i hav a dish and a digital satelite receiver with decoder suport so can i get dish tv with my curent equipment and what cost of subscription

yeah it will.... it will work from the RF out or composite out into your TV CARD... if you dont have a tv card and ur reciever has a FireWire out it will work wid that too...

if these option arnt available than the only way will be to buy a tv card

as sk90y said it will work, there is nothing to add but about that dishtv subscription i think you should really ask cable operator for the latest rates but about an year ago 5600 Pakistani Rs were for a year i think (could be six months) not sure now.

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Is it even available in Pakistan and how would you get it? (DishTV?)

F u r talkng abt ind dish tv, vil i own one. Its readily aval in pak.

Price varies 4m 7k to 9k, depending 4m where u buy.

Monthly cost varies 4m 500 to 700.

Anythng else, do ask me?