Will Desi UPS fry PTCL modem?

Guys, I have an extra modem which is jadoo box 1704N, and was thinking of running it on UPS. Unfortunately my UPS is a desi one so it doesn't give pure sine wave. It has fried a laptop charger once. Will it do the same to modem? I ask because a friend of mine runs his modem on generator and it works fine, even though the generator has once fried his laptop charger. So maybe modems can tolerate non sinewave electricity too, maybe?

Donot know about desi UPS but

I was also looking for a solution to run my PTCL modem on some kind of battries, Powerbanks for laptop should do the magic but I think they are not avaliable in Pakistan If you can afford order them at Aliexpress.com it is for 54$


desi ups will slowly or fastly damage your all appliances.. depending on he quality of transformer and kit, it may be between 2 months to 3 years.. but damage will occur nonetheless.


The less smooth the output waveform is the more likely it is to contain high frequency components ... it is these components that stress the dc power supply/adaptor unit sometimes causing a hum or a hiss sound ... a 'simple' unit would be unable to filter out such 'noise' and will die though not immediately but over a period of time in the most likely case ... the modem/router however may survive and sometimes only a replacement power supply/adapter would be needed ... however, a number of options exist (have covered this before but will give an overview here) for running the modem/router during 'loadshedding' ...

- note the voltage and amps on the power supply/adaptor unit ... usually its either 12V or 9V ... though I have some that use 5V (makes it easy to use via USB or Mobile battery backup power bank)

- determine the level of service you need i.e., would you mind a manual switchover or some delay in case of switchover to backup

- in case you would rather have instant switchover without interruption, the best option would be to buy a dedicated pure sinewave 'small' ups (can be used with other chargers as well)

- if some delay is acceptable, you just need a battery (that can be recharged) that outputs DC 12V or 9V or any other as needed of sufficient capacity (mAH or AH ... like for a router that uses psu of 9V and 1A ... meaning 9Watts of power ... we can use a 9V 1000mAH battery for 1 hr ... generally we need double as voltage drops when battery drains) ... keep the battery charged according to type of battery and switch over to backup once needed by attaching the battery directly (not without safety in case of big battery like a car battery) to the router/modem either by sacrificing the cable of the power supply/adapter for this purpose or making a cable of your own with all the parts available at an electronics shop (all you need is some cable and same type of plug as the adaptor to solder the cable onto)

- some power banks for tablets, portable dvd players, other portable devices, even car cigarette lighter port adaptors might be useful for such usage!

Remember to follow all safety precautions especially with lead-acid and li-ion type of batteries!

Hope this helps!



Thanks for the info. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and it was working smoothly so I figured all's well. I'll try to get the pure sine wave ups asap then, before real damage is done.