Will Change Of Modem Restore my downloading speed..?


I had this shiro modem of Ptcl which gave me an average downloading speed of 200Kbps but than again four days earlier it got some bug and it had failed to work ever since, so i complained about it with the exchange and they replaced it with ZTE modem, my internet works but sadly my speed has decreased to 100Kbps even though it still shows downloading stream rate 2046Kbps in modem setting window, i have been using the same copper wire with my shiro modem for over 6 months and it gave an average 200kbps but now on ZTE it has decreased. P.O.I the zte modem they provided is probably a repaired one because its seal was broken.

Lastly if u advise that modem is the real problem than which modem should i prefer to buy for PTCL Broadband, and yeah i have also tried changing my DNS setting for zte modem but it wont give any positive results..

Thanks awaiting reply.. :)

aaa this downgrading is going around ....

every 1 facing this prob

if u having same down stream in router then dont worry ur problem will not solve :)

i have complained many times but all was in vien i had to upgrade my connection then downgraded back again this was the only way worked for me :)

I think every 2Mb user is facing this problem my download sync also on 2048 but getting speed of 100KB.