Will a Q6600 stock heatsink fit a E8400?

I have a spare Q6600(65nm) heatsink will it work on a E8400(45nm) ??

Abbas, I dont know why no one has answered you yet, anyways, a heatsink does not fit CPUs, it only fits sockets, so if you use the same socket for both CPUs, yes it will fit, why dont you go for an after market heatsink? overclocking?

Yep thanks, both use the 775 so I should be good.

I did use an after market heatsink for my Q6600. The stock h.s that came with the q6600 is the spare I have. I wanted to build a second pc and thought I would buy a oem processor without the heatsink and utilize this one.

it should. the core2 hsf are a little different from the p4 which go in the same socket

the core2s have a copper base where as many p4 hsf's had a aluminum core