Wii vs XBOX 360 vs PS3

If I have to buy a console for a 5 year old, what will you guys recommend?

Wii or XBOX 360 or PS3?

I am more inclined towards Wii because it provides interactive gaming, like you know using hand gestures to play Tennis and other games. And it looks like something a 5 year old will understand.

But I am not sure if games are available for Wii in Pakistan!?

I think XBOX 360 is also something that I can think about and I guess there are a lots of games available here.

PS3 seems like geared towards elder boys!?

And tell me one more thing....is there such a thing like pirated copy/original games? Like Wii might not be able to play pirated games while XBOX 360 will!?

What do you recommend?

For a 5 year old, you should definitely go with the Wii. It's primary audience is kids (though there are some mature games available for it too). It's cheaper than the rest, and it's much easier to hack (for playing pirated games), you can easily do it yourself at home.

Xbox360 & PS3 are more suitable for teenagers and adults, there are childish games available for both of them, but not in the same amount as the Wii. And also, they're much more expensive and harder to hack for piracy.

Any more questions, ask away. :)

Do I have to worry about region lock if I bring Wii from Qatar?

^ Yes the Wii is region locked and there are four regions:

NTSC-U (North America, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines)
PAL (Europe and Oceania)
NTSC-J (Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan)
NTSC-K (South Korea)

You need to get either the NTSC-U or PAL version, you can easily find pirated games for these regions. Ask the seller what region their Wii is before buying it.

I recently bought Xbox 360 and enjoying it very much. I went saddar market to buy PS3 but I come to know PS3 cracked version is somewhere between 35K and games cost 5K each that is why I got Xbox 360 at 30K including tax (i used card). At 30K I get Xbox 360 + VGA + 12 games (RS 100 each) with two games copied includes GTA V which is on 2 cds and GTA IV.

Im planning to buy a PS3 as well. But in very much confusion about the original and jailbreaked versions.

Is it really worth the extra buck to buy a more expensive and older jailbreaked PS3, than a newer original PS3 ?

Do jailbreaked PS3 face any problems?