Wiggle stereoscopy - 3D directly from your browser

The technique gives an illusion of 3D by showing two images in rapid alternation: one from a left eye, and one from a right-eye perspective. Essentially it is separating the two pictures in time instead of space as is normally the case. You don’t need to wear special glasses to see the effect, and the illusion of dimensionality can be quite striking.

Some people may not know about this but this is a great technique. Here are a couple of Wiggle pics, I'll keep on adding more interesting ones I come across on the internet.



This one may take long to wiggle...

nice.. :)

i wondr when they ll develop REAL 3D...

Its no where to real 3D, but it gives an idea what to expect from 3D. most people think watching 3D is like going to be something out of this world. However it's quite ordinary to view it.

its nice


Some more additions,


This ones scary.. :P


Finally my favourite one..

Maybe wiggling images more than 2 gives a much better effect...


Seriously these wiggles have started wiggling my brain aswell. Its quite frustrating if you watch too many at once.


^ ehm, its wiggling in the wrong direction. I do not have two vertically alligned eyes on me.

how to create images like with these shacky effects?

Here is a comprehensive guide to creating wiggle stereoscopic images.

The techlique lies behind the difference of angle between the two images. More importantly the number of frames captured at different angles aswell.

Edit: This guide gives a detailed overview on how the angle is supposed to be changed.


similar to the popular movie effect known as "Bullet Time effect".