is wifi available in pakistan can we surf internet through wifi

See a list of Wifi hotspots in Pakistan at http://hotspots.pk

??????????????? where bro

lol.Hotspots are areas where there is wireless connectivity so just go to that place with ur laptop(wifi enabled) and then connect

in my university too..but it is password protected..ohooooo!!!!:|

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in my university too…but it is password protected…ohooooo!!!:expressionless:

if you are a student you could try asking them for access

any place in rawalpindi

NUST campus (Lalkurti).

That's my university.

Lalkurti. Are you in NIMS?

anymore bro any public place

dont know about pindi but there should be wifi available near mariott(isb).Someone who lives in pindi might be able to help you

hey i am from LHR yes u can use wifi but its quite expensive. (how much i don't know i just heard)