WiFi Range Extender


I am looking to buy WiFi range extender (booster) so suggest me some good and cheap one. If I buy some regular standard WiFi router such as D-Link, Tenda, TP Link will they work for this purpose?


Using this:


Working ok.

The above tp link device, also available in better brands like Dlink and Belkin is a very easy smart and efficient method for extension., its also portable and can be used with a lot of portable devices as well…but it is costly, and TP link devices dont last more than a couple years… have had such experience with many of their routers over the years…

for a cheap alternative, buy a simple high gain high db antenna, and replace your existing routers antenna with that… a standard antenna is 2db to 3db and covers almost a 10 marla house, a 7db antenna will probably cover 3x more range and will not cost a lot like a dedicated range extender.
they dont burn out, are very high quality usually, and cost often less than 1k.

If you have a spare WiFi router or can get one from friends/family, then cheapest solution is to run Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet cable from any LAN jack of first router to any LAN jack (NOT WAN jack!) of second router, disable DCHP on second router so that it just acts as a WiFi extender, and change wireless channel number of second router to any channel other than that of first router (to minimize interference). WiFi name (SSID) and password of second router should be set to same as first router. Search internet for more details. I use several old routers as range extenders this way.

Good suggestion but I want to use it to extend range of Wi-Tribe device so replacing antenna is not an option.

I am not sure if Wi-Tribe has LAN cable option as this thought also came to my mind.

then your easiest option is still the wifi range extender from TP link, D-Link or Belkin,

This one looks good. Works both as WiFi Router and WiFi Repeater. It’s cheap too.