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Hey guys, call me a noob but today I was amazed to find out that some Symbian phones can use the internet provided by the service provider and use it as a wifi hotspot!

My friend has an E71 and we were in the bus, he said that he has to download something on his itouch, and I asked him how is he going to do that since there was no wifi on the bus? And then he filps out his E71 and launches an app called "JoikuSpot" or something along those lines.. He pressed a few buttons and later he was browsing on Facebook on his itouch! the itouch was using the Wifi signal being sent by the E71... I was freaking amazed! LOL!

here it is http://www.joiku.com/ Lite version is free to download

Get an Android and it's a built in feature.

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Get an Android and it’s a built in feature.


Andorid yet not much popular in Pakistan but its growing rapidly... still people are sticks with Nokia & blackberry

Off course. It is amazing and superb. Joiku is supported approximately with all WiFi enabled Symbian mobile phones. :)

i hope you found this post helpfull.

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what is wifi hotspot? :D

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what is wifi hotspot? :D


This software turns your wifi enabled mobile in to the wifi router. Other Wifi enabled mobiles use wifi using your mobile wifi router connection. See the video tutorial of this .


waoooo.. idint know that.. I think my galaxy gio also has hotsopt wifi.. can i do it with my cell phone