Wich movie character describes you?

Indiana jones I would love to be


Batman!! He's not a hero! He's MORE!

^ and how do you relate yourself to the Batman?

Ah.. if i were totally like batman i would be awesome lol.. anyway.. i guess its the burning desire i get to do what i can, when i hear something bad at least related to friends or family or anyone close to me.. But then again that kind of thing must happen to everyone? I am just glad my morals are still alive and i still feel like being someone to rely on for the people i love.

Hulk ;)

when i get angry i wish i could become powerful like hulk and smash that person.

lolz... it is about which movie character describes you... not about what you want to be...:D

i would say the christian bale character in "reign of fire"

Frodo Baggins - Lord of the Rings