Wi-tribe USB Dongle on Mac?

Has anyone been able to connect to the internet using wi-trbie's motorola USB dongle on Mac OSX Snow Leapord?

On their support page, they say it will run on both windows and mac but an email reply from their support team said it's not supported.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

USB device does not work properly on windows, let alone MAC

Works just fine for me on Windows 7 64-bit and XP 32 bit. No issues at all.

Has anyone tried it on a Mac?


@johnny98 how in the world are you running wi-tribe USB dongle on windows 7 64bit........ it doesn't even get detected and it was confirmed by wi-tribe and motorola itself that it doesnt work on 64bit OS's


They shouldn't say that because it works just fine... Will send screesnshots if needed.

And you're right, even wi-tribe doesn't know that it works on 64-bit Win7 _and_ Vista. I've used it on both.

well... I have tried it on both my 64bit win 7 desktop and laptop and the device doesn't work...... but when i plug it into a 32bit system works flawlessly, did u get any 64biit drivers for it? if you have a newer program or drivers, then upload and give the link....