Wi-tribe providing very bad browsing speed

i just bought wi-tribe wifi device ...its giving me very very bad speed on browsing, downloading speed is good youtube is average but browsing is nearly dead i have to wait very long for even facebook login. I m getting 3 signals bar at my place there is no issue of signals but browsing is very bad. Did anyone currently face this problem. I m thinking to return their device.

Yes I have face this problem too

When I have contacted to Sales Representative (Which from I connection Bought)

Thai said no problem at Wi-Tribe Side

(پاکستان میں کبھی کوئی اپنی غلطی مانتا ہے)

^ one and only reason why i DCed Wi-tribe , their servers arent updated properly hence must be getting TCP_Network errors at times ...... specially on FB

I do not get any such issues and I have been using them for over 2 months now. P.S. they recently brought PTCL's bandwidth in the loop so it's not just TWA anymore. A bit disappointing if you ask me.

Disappointing: how exactly? A backup is always good. Not that TW1's performance was nasty, but... you know... atleast most of the sites on PIE will load up faster (and there are a number of sites on PIE located within Pakistan)

They are not using it just as a backup. Instead, they are load-balancing / splitting it on per connection basis I think. Because I either get the PIE routes or the TWA routes on ALL routes - not either one of them for different routes.

The plus point is that we get low pings to most gaming servers now and also to other PTCL users (100-120 compared with 250 earlier). However, PIE is slower to quite a many international routes when compared to TWA. My international latency has been higher off late.

Im getting really low browsing + download speed aswell even at 3 bars.. This prob came like 2 weeks ago.. havent contacted the sales centre yet .. planning to do so..

I returned their device after 6 days. They returned my whole money 1950 back i like this customer service in wi tribe but they should improve their internet speed specially browsing..

I agree with you all.. Browsing is justt pathetic... I dont know why it lags so much despite streaming is quite good..... browsing is justt irritating on witribe...

No problem at my side in LHR, its 2 months now. Browsing, stream and downloading everything is fine. I have used PTC DSL for 2 years so I am telling this with comparison to that..... not like DSL, but its very much near to it if we consider wireless connection.

am also using it for last 2 months and from my experiens its better than ptcl dsl. i am getting 126 Kb/sec.i 1mb connection and with speed boost up for additional 99 rs i am getting 190 to 200 Kb/sec speed

their cache server sux


How come? Can you email me? I might have same experience.

Any wi-triber knows about slow browsing on Wi-tribe from Today morning.

www.jang.com.pk/jang didn't open or partial open after few minutes.

Same issue.. Very bad browsing speed.. C'mon fix it u witribe peepz before u loose a loyal customer.. nd many more eventually..

Now slow browsing ends and all websites are opening

^ Ye. Back on track.

the wi tribe so good in compare to other service provider, am using the wi tribe and almost 20 links are opened at this time and ten of them are youtube all working as i wish, i think its best internet provider,

vyrip is very bad speed of net so we dont use it but use ptcl net .