Wi-tribe Power Hour Add-Ons

Wi-tribe has recently introduced the Power Hours add on which I have subscribed just two days back and the experience was just fine.

1. Their website mentions the infamous "*Fair usage policy applies" policy for the add-on. However there is no mention about the amount of volume cap being offered on this add-on. They should mention it on their website. If anyone knows, pls mention it here in the forum.

2. Moreover, when the package shifts to the power hour (btw 1AM and 1PM), the user is not notified in any way, be it email or sms. Furthermore, the irony is that there is no mention of the volume used during these hours. What actually happens is that the VOLUME LAST AVAILABLE IN NORMAL HOURS is locked during this period (is constant) and starts to work normally in the regular hours. It would be very kind of Witribe to mention the Power hour volume as well in the power hour period if the "*Fair usage policy applies" as mentioned on the website is applicable..

If anyone has details regarding this add-on that I have complained about, pls post it here.


Power Hours add-on will automatically expire upon consumption of 50GB (Fair Usage Policy Page)


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50 GB lol.

Not bad.

Witribe is more than enough for me.

I use Wi tribe as well, however as i moved places I barely get a single bar (the small led light strip on router). Im planning to try mobilink infinity. Is it good?