Wi-tribe Pakistan Raised Rates / Prices

On Thursday, 9 December 2010 wi-tribe sent an e-mail that it is proud to be recognized by the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) as the country's No.1 Broadband Service Provider.

On Saturday, 11 December 2010 I called wi-tribe for the purchase of extra volume (5GB) which was previously offered for Rs.100/-. The wi-tribe agent told that rates have been increased and same 5GB will now be available for Rs.200/- and for Rs.100/- I can only get 2 GB. :(

They didn't even sent any e-mail for this change in plan. BAD BAD BAD.


Thats bad. :( Thank God i switched from their services at the right time. :D. That 5GB addition is a must for someone who uses video streaming sites a lot. So the combined cost of 1 MB connectoin now would be Rs. 1,150 (Rs. 950 (Normal Package with limit of 6GB) and Rs. 200 for the 5GB add on). So a person is better off buying PTCL's 1MB connection rather than WiTribe.

I believe they introduced unlimited plans now !

Well new packages are

256 Kbps 6GB - Rs. 650

512 Kbps 6GB/endless - Rs. 750/1,200

1.0 Mbps 6GB/12GB/15GB - Rs. 950/1,350/1,600

1.5 Mbps endless - Rs. 2,400

and this endless actually means...

1.All wi-tribe packages are for consumer usage and not permitted for commercial use and/or reselling as per PTA regulations

2.Service parameters may change upon utilizing 30GB on 512Kbps endless package & 40GB on 1.5Mbps endless+ package in any given month

3.wi-tribe reserves the right to suspend or disconnect any customer account(s) that may be in violation of PTA regulations

4.wi-tribe internet packages do not commit bandwidth as per standard practice across all Internet Service Providers worldwide

1.5Mbps with 40GB bandwidth for 2400 not very competitive i guess :/

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1.5Mbps with 40GB bandwidth for 2400 not very competitive i guess :confused:

Agreed. You can get an PTCL EVO connection for like 2,000 on normal charges and Rs. 1,400 on student package.

Still it's reliable.. despite high rates. however i believe wi-tribe must double the speed of all it's connections to stay in the lead.

It's so lame that other ISPs never update dere speeds like PTCL does.

Actually i used to get pretty solid speed of 60k per second even on a 512k connection so it would be around 120k per second on an 1 MB connection. Other ISPs say they are providing a 1MB connection but the browsing speed is mostly mostly around 50k per second which really sucks. On Wi Tribe the browsing and the downloading speed is same. They need to improve their data limits. Like Inifnity did. They have a standard limit of 14GB unlink Wi Tribe's 6 GB.

^^ x2, been using wi-tribe for a few months coz PTCL wont connect a landline at my place. I have to say it really is reliable and speeds are great, I have a 1 Mbps connection and speed are around 115-125 KBps almost all the time. I regularly get the Speedboost for Rs99 and get around 180-200 KBps thats almost like a 2 Mbps DSL connection. Its still more expensive than a DSL connection but for people like me who cant get a PTCL landline this is the best Service ive come across till now (ive used Wateen/Evo/NTC)

Btw if anything goes wrong with PTCL DSL they never fix. Thats what ive heard.