Wi-Tribe 30 GB Limit

When i got connection from Wi-Tribe on 21-4-2011, i visited their Customer Service center situated near Baitul Mukaram Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi

The person who entertained me about their packages told me that

"" Our ENDLESS 512 Kbps package is Absolutely Unlimited, but here is a little Cap that You Will get 30 Gb Bandwidth in this package but in case if you have consumed your 30 GB limit your Internet Connection will not be terminated and you will not be extra Charged for anything, we will just Downgrade your speed from 512kbps to the Half or Less than Half, but your Internet Connection Will Still work without any additional charges after consuming 30 GB and when you will pay your Monthly Invoice Due Amount, you will again get your 30 GB bandwidth with Full 512Kbps Speed.


Upon consuming 50% Bandwidth i got an E-Mail from Wi-Tribe and According to that E mail


Your account will not be downgraded once your subscribed monthly volume is exhausted

Once your subscribed monthly volume is exhausted, you will be charged Rs. 0.15 for every 1 MB consumed till the time you purchase a volume add-on or the start of your next billing cycle (1st of every month)

Wi-Tribe is Bloody Liar i sent them E-Mail on their E Mail Address two times but no one is even replying me

its fair usage policy

rev so you took volume add on ,

Windows7 - It's not fair usage policy, where is volume add on thing in their fair usage policy ?

It must be a system bug. They do not really limit you to 30gb otherwise. I would recommend calling them or visiting a service center.

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rev so you took volume add on ,

Windows7 - It’s not fair usage policy, where is volume add on thing in their fair usage policy ?


i still have 13 Gb remaining yet i stopped downloading things when i got that E-mail notification after consuming 50% Bandwidth, they are liars :(

bro u should have stuck with qubee they have unlimited download trick

Salam. Do lodge complaint to PTA with all the emails, policy given to u etc.

They do time to time survey. Might get ur problem solved.

I got the same email couple of months ago, Ive tried emailing them as well, no response. How can you call it endless or unmilited if its going to be charged as soon as you go over the limit.

Just visit there out let, and ask the manager there for an explanation. Do threaten them with abandoning their service all together, as the cost for the device is still not fully recovered by them they will listen to you. Further more I know a lot of people who are using Wi-Tribe, of course non of them go over the bandwidth limit but all of them usually pay their bills late. None of the complained regarding discontent or disconnection. The service can only recover cost for the device and make profit if the customer stays with them. If your still not happy switch to another service, you can also ask for your security deposit back to which I am sure they will try to con you out by explaining bull #$%# charges. Just stay on their tail.

Fair usage policy is just bunch of bullshit, when these service providers provide data capped packages, that is how they should be marketed. Instead they call then unlimited but insert fair usage policy clause, which only they can define.