Why you just cannot trust anyone when it comes to financial matters

Ok, two nights ago before i went to sleep we received a phonecall. The receiver whom i could clearly tell was a lady was in distress and she was crying profusely. She was asking for my parents and since my dad is out of the country, i had to give the phone to my mom. My mom spoke to the lady for around 20-25 minutes, it was clear she met the lady like a few times but even she was surprised to receive her phonecall like this.

Then my mother verified her story from a lot of common friends who said it was true. Anyways this is apparently what happened. There were two brothers, one brother needed money to set up his own business and he asked his elder brother to act as a guarantor for the funds he withdrew from the banks, various creditors for his own business. Now obviously the second brother wanting to help his brother out did not even think twice and agreed to act as his guarantor.

What happened was really sad, the brother who took out the loans has just dissapeared, there is absolutely no trace of him at all. Plus the brother had also committed a massive financial fraud in the company he was employed and just dissapeared without giving them any prior notice of resignation e.t.c. And the other brother (the one who gave the guarantee) ended up facing the music from the creditors. He has been forced to sell of all his properties, assets, even sold his cars, took their children out of college and school, been forced to layoff their servants as they cant pay them anymore, their life savings are depleted. The wife sold all the jewelry and other items. And they still owe people money. The whole episode has taken a toll on the husband's health as well, he apparently has had severe headaches, dizzy spells and chest pains all because of the stress.

The wife has apparently been phoning people around begging for money and at the same time also been applying for Zakat as well.

This entire thing has really depressed me, i mean how low can people fall, i mean how can one brother (Blood) do this to another brother and his family. How long will that money he stole last him? Who is he going to con next time once the money runs out?

This whole scenario just proves you cannot trust anyone at all blindly when it comes to financial matters. Anyways, we and others will try to help the family out as much as they can, i dont think there is much they can do about the brother given that he has just completely dissapeared. But seriously man, LANAT ho aisay bhai pay.

Money has made men kill brothers and family since centuries.

A sad but true fact!

.When someone asks for a loan I give them 1/2 of what they wanted and tell them to keep it. My thumb rule never expect your money back.

.My other rule, never do business with family and friends. Its not about trust but more about bringing work into your home.

.Get your finances/deeds straight. Don't make joint accounts with old folks. Hire a neutral to handle the finances/deeds of family seniors(V.Imp).

.Be blunt about it.You wanna say no then say "No", no sorries, no I can'ts, just "No, I won't!!".

Thats a tragic story. How much money do they owe now?

I am not defending the disappeared brother but I am just trying to give another view that may be nobody has thought of it. In my experience (yes I had did tracing of person myself) alive people do leave traces. Someone, somewhere has seen him/her. It is possible to trace their tracks.

However, only dead people leave no traces. From ancient times, it is far more easy to kill someone and bury under no-name or fake name grave. And nobody will ever know where that person went.

Just think of it.

^but there remains a trace of it too. the person, who buried the other person, is also a trace point to the buried person.


and I personally believe that now a days, not all, but most of these stories are well formed to get money from unknown individuals with the name of help. and they get succeeded in it if they found some one who gets very emotional with these sad stories. and mostly they target the women in this job.

simply in my personal view these are the Fraud Tactics

only if you really want to find out, is that really true, there is no need to verify about that lady from your known or common friends. just take that lady's identity and ask her to take you to the Bank and the Company and try to find that, is there any story like that. and if there is then verify the relation between that Story and that Lady.

again in my view this was not a Fraud with her but could be with you.

be very careful with these sad and emotional stories. I am not blaming that Lady. but I can't just trust it.

beyond all above. I'd like to deny the statement in the topic "Why you just cannot trust anyone when it comes to financial matters"

I can trust in my friends, in my brothers, in my sisters, in my parents, in my dependants, or any others I feel I know them, only if I want to give them the trust of mine. and only If I am very well confident about it. but I thank to Allah that He didn't let me down in these matters. my trust on every one what I have till now is intact.

and of course Care does matter in any matter.

Trust is not taken, it's given. then it is called a Trust.

^ I agree, emotional blackmailing for fraud is pretty common in Pakistan. And crooks have devised to elaborate stories and with witnesses and bank documents and reports that anybody can fall for it. Unless you go to a length to confirm whether it is true or not.

In these times, it is hard to differentiate between good ones and bad ones. But for sure, bad ones are more out there and more vocal (to commit fraud). Good people, no matter how much financially trouble they are in, they keep quite and do not go and beg.

Its not neccesory that all people are same.....

All brothers are not same like the 1 mentioned in the story....

I beleive the people u can trust are just ur parents... As they are purely sincere....

Its a very common issue nowadays... In the story above he just took away the money and all... A boy near my house killed his brother due to some jaidaad issue...

Speechless... And realy lanat hai aese logo par...

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I beleive the people u can trust are just ur parents… As they are purely sincere

LOL. :lol: I believe you have never heard of real life stories or read one in newspaper or saw on TV news channels that a mother or father killed their children.

Don’t even trust your own self for the matter of life and death :P

whole story looks kinda fake to me ...


yeah better not to trust any 1 .......

lolz this was just a fraudulent case I've seen/heard many mean brothers killed their brothers for money properties what can be epic than this?

These days, people take money from you or receive it on your behalf and forget about it. They don't even make the effort to give you back or send it to you. You have to keep following up on them. I have 15-16k tied up for about six months now. One of my friends even went to UK and made no arrangements to send me my money back.

^a guy owes me 14K for some computer stuff i asked him to sell for me about a year ago. Now i have been doing business with this guy for 15 years. It was mostly myself who has to pay him and i never got late. Its a man eat man world and you have to live with it.

Very unfortunate. Although, IMO, the brother who got deceived should have seen it coming. If the other brother went to the extent of taking the money and just running off with it, he must have been a dishonest individual in the past too. If I were him, I'd think twice before taking such a step.

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LOL. :lol: I believe you have never heard of real life stories or read one in newspaper or saw on TV news channels that a mother or father killed their children.

Don't even trust your own self for the matter of life and death :P


Depends on the specific individual really. I know I can trust my father for example (but not brother :P )

No one can ride your back unless it is bent. Name a SINGLE guy who was never deceived on money matters.

Emotional blackmailing, especially, using the name of religion, is rampant in THIS region. Situation in Pak is no different than that in India.

While i sympathize with the lady, i still recommend that you should not have over any money to her. Ask her to tell you bank branch, talk to their manager and only then bailout. Do you give anything to anyone other than the bank.

Dont worry if you have to hear harsh words when you will ask about direct contact with bank.

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