Why UPSTREM values keep changing?

I want to know that why my upstream rate keeps changing every time i restart my model. Downstream stays same at 4mb but upstream keeps moving between 512kbps to 1mb. Why is that? In morning my upload rate was near 100kbps and now its 40kbps!

I am supposed to get stable 1mbps upload on 4mb package? Am i not?

ISP's charge big money for 'guaranteed' speeds. The normal consumer (such as yourself) should expect the upload/download speed to vary depending on server load. Just be thankful that you're getting a steady down speed.

I don't think it's a server load issue, instead check you US margin, it will also be varying with it. Also what is your modulation

nah..i also experince this sort ov issue...where as my upstream lingers between 900-1024kbps....whereas downstream has now got fixed at 4096....its an issue i gusess whether backend or exchange end...!

Then you haven't seen mine

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Connection Status Connected

Us Rate (Kbps) 187

Ds Rate (Kbps) 1019

US Margin 5

DS Margin 29

Trained Modulation ADSL_G.dmt.bis

LOS Errors 0

DS Line Attenuation 28

US Line Attenuation 18

Peak Cell Rate 441 cells per sec

CRC Rx Fast 0

CRC Tx Fast 0

CRC Rx Interleaved 0

CRC Tx Interleaved 0

Path Mode Interleaved


Yeah, I would like some insight into this as well.

Firecruz, do you think you could help us out here? :)

Anyone can provide whats the solution to this problem?

try ADSL_2plus as modulation and see your Peak Cell Rate, its too low. US Margin is bad also as it should be above 8


I forgot, make sure the wire from the ADSL Splitter to your router should not be too long, make it near 2feet or less

change ur wire comming 4rm pol then this prob'll solved