Why ups wire shows some volts alongwith live wire

salam to all,

Having a desi ups setup with single wire layout at home. i checked the light on ups while working on outlet it shows some volts alongwith live wire in on position. is this ok or what?

R u talking about the output single wire coming frm the ups in ur socket?

yes, just checking the outlet with tester and light glows on both wires of switch,more brighter on live black wire and very little on other white wire for ups. can this be danegrous..

Your question is confusing. The UPS output (usually single seperate wire plugged into UPS) will always have voltage as long as the UPS is working OR if the wapda mains electricity is working and connected to the UPS.

The UPS input is the socket in your wall (which should have a double core wire with a three pin plug from the UPS to the wall) will have a live and neutral wire. The live wire will obviously have voltage whenever the wapda main supply is working. The neutral wire will not have any voltage unless its connection to the mains(ground?) is cut ... resulting in an open circuit.

Are you saying that you are getting voltage on the input when wapda mains is off and the UPS is providing backup power?

Take out the white one frm the socket n thn check the black one nw.

Thanks for such a detailed reply. when mains is on my tester shows light on both wires which should be only one live wire and thats puzzled me. this is a switch for a saver and i think switch wiring shall be done in this way, anyhow i will try above and make things more clear. No there is no issue with any input or outlet and UPS setup is working fine

The real reason is that you are drawing a wrong inference by using an instrument (tester) for a purpose it is not designed for.


Check if you have that in all over your house and not just that particular switch board.
I guess its 90% chances that it will all over your house.
Reply with the feedback and I’ll tell you what to do next.

NO dear its only with particular outlet i checked this with another outlet by using extension wire and rest is working fine

trace that outlets neutral wire back to origin upto the min house circuit breaker to which it is connected.. 99% times, neutral and phase are reversed on the breaker.