Why the hell doesnt facebook open?

Why do I get a "this site is restricted" error when i open touch.facebook.com on my cellphone and also my PC? It works on other ISPs.

Also its nearly impossible to open www.facebook.com I have to refresh it like 20 times for it to open, and its fine on other ISPs.

Cant these idiots unblock a website properly?

Yup..it doesn't open on ptcl and it works fine on wateen.

^ It doesn't work.The site isn't opening.I tried to enable Scripts globally allowed..still no luck

Forcing it to secure permanently did the trick for me, not sure why you guys are still having the problem. What Gateway IP are you getting?

ya experiencing the same thing here too. though i use https instead to open it (https://www.facebook.com). it works then but putting 's' in every link is very annoying.

no script works but not completely. As u can chat .

why is this happening.