Why SonyEricsson out of market?

There are no new SonyEricssons in Hafeez Centre or Hall Rd. why??

you may need to check this link: http://groups.google.com/group/telecom-grid-pakistan/browse_thread/thread/bf68fb725f7aa285

yes, the G700, G900, C902, W980 are all released all over the world except here

I think da joint of Sony and Ericsson is breaking...!

Check dis link out http://us.mobile.reuters.com/m/FullArticle/p.rdt/CTECH/ntechnologyNews_uUSLR13097320080827

Nahh . . the joint is not breaking , its just rumour . . . In Pakistan every mobile handset of sony ericsson is released with delay , I was in Saudi Arabia some weeks before and i bought c902 , its a 5 mega pixel camera phone musch better than n95 8gb that i had used before , but in Pakistan most of the shopkeepers in Hafiz Center even dnt know about the name of c902 . . . . Thats really really unfortunate specially for Sony ericsson fans . w980 is one of the best walkman mobile these days ,it got the Europeon Award for the BEST MUSIC PHONE OF YEAR 2008 , but here in Pakistan when u ask some one , have u seen w980 , u will get the answer , W980 ???? WHAT IS THIS ????

well th reason even i dont know but i have lil touch with mobile market so he told me that there is only NOKIA sets are coming these days , sony ericoson and even samsung mobiles are not easily available , well the reason he dont even know but this news is true, well GOD knows what is the reason that they suddenly picked back there all stock from the market.

hmmm..... was just thinking on top of my head and wondered whether the availibilty of cheap chineese copies can be reason for it or the recently imposed taxes on the mobile phones???

All sets of SE are not available, even older models are not available.

Someone has told that SE has canceled the dealership of Mobilezone and United. Therefore they are no more importing SE.

Now some new company will get dealership of SonyEricsson in Pakistan and then it will come back.

^^^ I heard the same. United and Mzone were no longer importing SE phones.

but then why samsung is not available i450 is also not available even though it is not that old.

actualllyyy now only much popular mobiless r coming

even nokia 5320 has released 2 months beofree all over the world butt not hereeee

but n 96 has come so fast

it also depeond on mobi zone and united wala theyy if they show interest they can bring fast but they cause delayyy

andd regaridng sony ericsoon i dun know why they r not coming as w980 has won award even and popular evennn

there are many SE walkman fones which are popular all over the world but still not available in pakistan , i am a big fan of SE but every time i haev to buy a latest SE fone from Saudi Arabia