Why ptcl has blocked sites?

why ptcl has blocked famous sites like btjunkie or filestube and others etc??

websites were not banned before so why now?

most site when i open now i get an annoying message

"ptcl has this site restricted"


that the appropriate thread.

Just wait for the time when every other site will be blocked. Internet is in the process of baptizing by PTA.

chasing on these issues is just only time wasting USE PROXIES AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE AS IT WAS BEFORE


also blocked

PTCL has gone nuts! Why did they block these websites?

Public proxies, for me at least, have proven to be slow

and fizzle out in a couple of days. A week at the most.

One day it's working fine, the next, dead altogether.

Moreover, there are issues of security and data mining

linked to these proxies which are freely made available

on the net. From personal details to malaware, etc.

As PTA/PTCL will no doubt continue to further choke

and constrict the internet experience for us, we will need

quick, stable and long-term solutions.

Sheikh 'HaaN Mein Baghi HouN' Chilli

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PTCL has gone nuts! Why did they block these websites?


Who knows!

Instead of cursing PeeTCL here(though they deserve a lot more) we shall discuss/share alternative solutions. Sharing experience of various proxies can be one way of doing this.

what i heard is that they PTA is focusing in blocking porn websites.

then they should block porn websites only na ......why the hell they are blocking non-adult sites too?

lol i have come to know that many famous porn sites are still not yet blocked .

the filter is applied yet on the word "porn" only lol

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also blocked


May be ‘‘esnips.com’’ was detected as ‘‘esnipples.com’’ by obsolete filters of PTCL servers and so, it got blocked. I am just saying it.

^ Your imagination knows no boundaries :P

it is hard to distinguish between a porn site and a non porn site since many of the websites are hosted by same data centers. Any attempt to block any kind of website over internet will automatically result in slow browsing and many other problems. Basically, like every other !@#$%%^ in Pakistan, ptcl has become a moral police too. They claim to block 1000 porn sites which has screwed up whole internet in Pakistan, but what about 1000000000000000 other porn sties which are not blocked and one can easily access them? Do these retarded !@#$ !@#$ got an answer to that?!!!!

There are no easy alternates to bypass such filters, proxies are pathetically slow and worthless, and 99% of the time they dont work. A more solid solution is to buy a cheap VPN which won't be any less then 5-6$ per month and it again is a hassle to connect it every time you browse teh internet. The dumb !@#$% at ptcl should answer about the remaining 100 million plus porn sites which they have not blocked.

^ Mind mentioning some of those sites to me in private :P ?

bahh dude jus search em on google, ull find 29979757354363423 pages :)

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^ Mind mentioning some of those sites to me in private :P ?


are you serious?

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are you serious?


What makes you think I’m not :blink:

Who wants working Pr0n site links? I'll charge 10 rupees for each link, discount for regular members will be given... :P