Why Multichoice Africa C-Band is still on?

Hey guys. The reason I am starting this topic that I have waited for the world cup to end and find the reason why C-Band is still running even after multichoice announced its termination on 31st may and even though I know the reason and answers but I am looking for a open comment from everybody.

Its been over a month now that channels are still airing on C-Band, first the whole package got dissappeared on ist june and a week later supersport channels and couple of other channels came back and now supersport HD too alongwith fashion tv is added in the list couple of days back. You can see here: http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/mcafricaintel10.html

That is strange seriously cauz after all those huge intimations from multichoice to every user of C-Band there is something fishy about it and amazingly users of dstv forum too are asking questions why C-Band is still on and no answer from DSTV so far. Also few users of multichoice previously on W4 are lying outside of W7 and have only C-Band the only option but multichoice does not seem to comment. I thought after the world cup C-Band would end but its not as they are adding channels gradually. Multichoice gave two reasons for termination of C-Band that their contract is expiring in 2nd quarter of 2010 and due to switchover to powerful satellite W7 a need to keep Intelsat 10 went away. I don't know why they are keeping Intelsat 10?

I would share my opinions later but I would like to hear from some of experience fellows here.

It's still not the whole bouquet though... although it has left me puzzled as well.

yeah same here

soooo ?

Yes Santa Cruz you're 100% right! Last night I went to my grandma's place in North Nazimabad, Karachi and their I saw Supersport 2! I was speechless!! Thank God!

Operators who had advanced subscriptions or had non pirated cards are receiving channels currently and according to a suntv official multichoice is not accepting any new payment via credit card on intelsat 10. I seriously don't know what their intentions are?