Why is Lumia's resale low?


Few weeks ago I bought brand new Nokia Lumia 525, almost paid 17,300 .. Then after 3-4 days I was not satisfied with windows operating system on mobile phone and missed the android OS which I used before it. So I again went to the market to sale Lumia, and I was shocked to see, that the biggest price I could receive for it was 8,000.

As compared to Lumia, even Local company "Qmobile" are better in terms of resale value.

Is there any reason behind this low resale of Lumia handsets? o.O

Because there is LOW SALE, hence LOW RESALE.

The other contributing factor is being Windows OS, somehow not popular.

Windows phones are just not satisfactory in Pakistan. The Nokia 520 was the best selling Windows Phone in India and it's upgraded version Nokia 525 is also selling rather well.

The point is, that everything has a specific demand in various places. For example Motorola has very low demand in Pakistan and you'll have a hard time finding variety of their phones in here, and if you do buy their phones then later you'll have to resale them for much lower. That is not the case in most foreign countries.

One of the major reason why the Lumia series is failing here is because they don't provide great price/specs ratio. That Lumia 525 costs 17k and gives you a dual-core 1 ghz processor with 1gb of ram and 4" Display with 5mp cam with no flash. In that same price 'local' brands offer you a quad-core 1.2+ ghz processor with 1GB of ram, 4.5"+ display and 8mp cam with flash. And then there's also the fact that Android has much much higher demand than Windows Phone OS.

^ nuff said..!! +1

we are El-Cheapos..

android has no doubt started to rule the phones,os and windows os has fallen a prey to this phenomenon.

windows phone is fast but lacks lots of things, apps, maps for Pakistan and some other functions,

1 other thing , cheap hardware


Here is my opinion:

- Nokia's build quality is appreciated the world over!
- Qualcomm's MSM8227(dual-core Krait) with Adreno 305 is quite powerful and upto the task! 1GB RAM is also a plus for running win phone apps!
- However, win phone OS might not win over people only familiar with iOS or Android! It's different enough from both and that scares people away! It runs well/smoothly though and is rapidly improving

Now for comparison, if you get over the 'newness' factor ... as you just experienced ... after one day it becomes used ... you can get (won't mention Mediatek based phones as that's another chipset):
- Pantech Sky Vega A850 at slightly less or A860 at slightly more than your initial expense ... in very good to excellent condition ... for A850
- Qualcomm's APQ8064(Quad-core Krait) with Adreno 320, 5.3" 720p IPS display, 2GB RAM etc ... http://www.gsmarena.com/pantech_vega_r3_im_a850l-5021.php

though you have to have proper ROM for all features to function as expected ...

So, if pantech even doesn't have resale value ... as more advanced models become available ... how can Nokia have resale value???



Because Windows Phone is a terrible OS for Pakistani users, most of which are power users and want to have the best value for money.

Off-topic: Feels great visiting WP after a loooooonggg time! :) Got very busy with studies and work. Hi to everyone.

Hey, glad to have you back.

I disagree about WP being terrible. It is a very efficient OS IMO. Yes it is not very customizable unlike Android, but that also applies to iOS. Personally i prefer WP to iOS. Android is open-ended and easy to use but it looks kind of plain & generic.

Overall all of them have their pros and cons, it all comes down to the user's preferences.

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about trading my Noir A900 with Lumia 630 (latest phone with winpho 8.1). If i end up doing that I'll write a review or at least a short overview on it.

no more features in this smart phone ..