Why celebrate WOMEN`S DAY!

Should we really be celebrating women's day? The current status in Pakistan shows that women are subjected to violence and are ill - treated. So whats the point in celebrating this day!! check out this link if you agree with it..


women are treated like second class citizens and like property in every other Islamic countries it just not Pakistan... and yes this day is not for us to celebrate

put women on billboards and make them a commodity product. let them join work places and come home running after being harassed. let them make "Am i beautiful" idiotic vids on youtube and then get life threats. Let them shine their flesh and much more. Thats how you respect and empower women?

Armada, what are you talking about? Are these just Islamic countries? Forgot your neighbors?

But Womens rights and all that stuff is just NGO-exclusive bullshit these days.

Forgot Mukhtara mai? She is a don now. Jamshed dasti said himself that govt had no writ in her area of influence.

She married a man who was already married with kids. No one from his first marriage attended his ceremony.

The commercial sellouts empowered Mai by demolishing the prior marriage of her husband. What a power.

Commercialized women rights...my dump doesnt care.