Which would be a better choice?

I want to ask two things.

First, I've been roaming through LinDotNet website and I can't find there packages for DSL, so please tell me what are their packages (+ limits as well, if there are any)

Secondly, What would be better ?

2 MB PTCL or 4MB LinkDotNet ?

I havent used linkdotnet but have used 4mb broadband which is fine.

PTCL Broad Band is always good. My connection diverted on Fiber Optic and getting amazing speed of download.

I'd recommend LDN over PTCL anyday. Better price, better service, better satisfaction, no limitation = better in every way.

Normal Packages:

1M: 1050

2M: 1850

4M: 3750

Student Packages (30% Discount):

1M: 735

2M: 1295

4M: 2625