Which wireless-N routers support HUAWEI EchoLife HG510 modem?

Hi, i'm planning to get a wireless-N router, and what i have in mind is the DIR-615 D-Link Wireless-N 300 Router but, i'm confused whether it'll work with my HUAWEI EchoLife HG510 modem. Please tell me it would but, if doesn't can you suggest me some other wireless N-routers which will work?

M Using Cisco WRT120

and its working Flawless :) cost About 3500 now ! So Check it

...so you are saying the modem wont work with the D-Link Wireless-N 300 Router and i need that one to make it work?

btw DIR-615 has really good reviews..and has great ratings..i just need to know if the router i want will work with the modem?

I don't know about DIR 615 Because i never Had one ! but I had Cisco one that's why i m telling you it will Work

If you are Going to Buy one go ahead and buy Cisco Its Worth it !

nothing beats a dd-wrt router with enough ram and good cpu.

doesnt a dd-wrt router has a linux based firmware only? I dont think it will support windows 7...or will it?

HUAWEI HG510 rauter may torrent kasay band kartain han...!@