Which WiMAx Service to be used in Gulistan-e-Jauhar


I would appreciate if I can be guided about which Wimax service to go with , If I plan to use a USB Wimax dongle.

I am residing in Gulistan-e-Jauhar opposite the Karachi University Block (nearest landmark Shaadi Qila marrige hall)

I need it to be hassle free since I need to give it to a elderly people for just being connected to people abroad via skype.

Have never used Wimax since I use PTCL DSL, so I am confused about the price/performance factor of all these options (unlimited downloads is not important for me , maybe 5 GB a month is fine).

1. Mobilink Infinity

2. WorldCall Wireless


4. WI-Tribe

5. Wateen WImax

6. Qubee

So can all of you based on your collective experience guide me which is the best service with coverage in the mentioned area and can provide reasonable speed/uptime.

Thanks for your support.

mobilink infinity

Well I had very very great experience with wateen until this month but it all depends on which wimax works in your area. All the wimax providers are same. they don't have very much big difference in price and packages.

So instead of tacking advice here you should go to your nearest franchise's and sales point and talk to those guys if there signals are good in your area. Also research in your area with your friends and neighbors if anybody is using wimax.

I am happy with wi-tribe in block 16. If you can live with the download limits :)