Which Webhosting Company Is the Best In Pakistan

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I've been going through a rough experiance related to PAkistani webhosts, Please I need some Reviews about host.com.pk and other hosting services which are providing cheap webhosting services.


HI i haven't heard about the hosting provider which you mentioned here..However if you are looking for some checp web hosting service then i recommend you to have a look at sites like XnYnZ.com here they render hosting service at cost starting from $1.99 per month with good customer service and support ....

Hostgator & godady

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At WebSolHub.com we are not perfect but friendly support & features below make us Better.

- SSD Storage (faster than regular hard drives)

- Litespeed server (faster than Apache server)

- CloudLinux (more reliable OS)

- R1Soft CDP Backups (30days recovery points) *MUST have feature

- cPanel, Softaculous, RVSiteBuilder, Logaholic, Anti-Virus

- FFmpeg, Flv2tool, LAME, Libogg, Libvorbis, Mplayer, Mencoder

- Unlimited Bandwidth, Database, Subdomain, Emails, FTP

Try http://BestHost.pk , my favorite folks, german based hosting service with number of big businesses and personal sites see this--> http://besthost.pk/personal-website-hosting.html

I prefer my own VPS paid yearly with nginx

pakistan web server also offer :

Litespeed Powered Server

Web-customer-service.pngLatest cPanel Control Panel

spam-protection.png Spam & Virus Protection

click-installer.pngOne – Click Installer

image-magick.png Softaculous

migration.png Free Migration


Web-bandwidth.png99.9% Uptime Guaranteein

phone_icon.pngCustomer Support

Local hosting companies are not that much good as compared to international brands. I will suggest you to try Hostgator, that is much better than other web hostings. That is also reliable, and their support team is very responsive and cooperative. I never used that hosting which you are asking. Sorry.

yes sara Ali say right local do not relay on local companies

Filhal to koi bhi nahi laikin jald hi...

we are authorized resellers of NameCheap hosting here in Pakistan, also providing free website setup and on-page seo.

I prefer Hawkhost but they are USA based.

I posted one which is mine at

Its correct that its practically difficult for Pakistani web hosting companies to compete the likes of Hostgator etc. We operate at very low sale prices due to market trends here. Generally, the price which most Paksitan web hosting companies offer per year is around one month prices at hostgator similar others. Second part is to do with the type of HR we get here, we have to train them hard before they leave for other jobs to Dubai etc and so on. So quality service has issues. Yet we try to strike a balance.

I would never advise anybody to host their website

with a PK web host. My reason has nothing to do

with their service and reliability, but security, privacy

and freedoms; like that of speech.

I know of a guy who wrote something on a website

about a ruling political party's MPA. It was not a political

comment, the website had nothing to do with politics.

Not even related to his corruption, etc. Just how he


Next thing you know, an inspector from the FIA is

hounding the web host to furnish all details and logs

about that guy. Luckily, it was a web host based in

a country which has laws about freedom of speech

and they wouldn't give him anything. But it wasn't for

a lack of trying.

Do you think if it was a local maja-gama web-hosting

business, that he would be able to resist that kind of

summons ?. Not unless he enjoyed chiTTeroll...

Nah, until we have a country of laws, where every

citizen, big and small, has their rights protected by

law and enforced justly by the Govt, the only business

you can do here, is monkey-business.

Sheikh 'Waiting For Naya Pakistan' Chilli

The Kalhost.com company is providing trial period to test the services, Kindly go it.