Which ups is good urgent advice needed .wi

Mine old ups local made burn i want to buy newone but thistime not local plz suggest me a good ups with good battry life saver and good charging option .

Load 40inch LED tv 106 watts 2 cealing fan 2energy savers and 1 laptop 60watts .

thax in advance.


For a LED you should go with Pure Sinewave UPS of of APC 1500 VA

Mine budget is 15k i never want to buy apc give me something other.

please let us know about your budget and where do you live

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please let us know about your budget and where do you live


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bro living in sheikhpura u give your suggestions i will come to lahore if product not found in my local market.

nice type im also intersting in this subject any one give more info about ups

ok bro if u were a peshawarian i would have suggested you MAXIMUM Pure Sine wave ups http://www.maximum.com.pk/main/ups.php i bought one last month 2000 VA(1200 Watts 24 volts) for Rs.25000/- and 1000 VA was for Rs.16000/-... i also found INVEREX pure sine wave UPS in market which i guess was 800va (500 watts 12 Volts) for Rs.14000/-http://www.inverexpower.com/images/gallery/File5965221psi_pdf.pdf .. also if you found DEUTSCHE UPS which is also pure sine wave is a quality product..

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well did i said something wrong lol

Is pure sine wave ups has transformer inside or something other?